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  • Mark Your Calendar! The Next ASMC Webinar Is on May 13

    Ever needing to give your boss the best update, ever? Join us for our next webinar on May 13 to meet EFAR (Enemy, Friendly, Administrative needs, and Request), the time-tested-and-true recipe for composing status reports. Mark your calendars and reserve ... More
  • OUSD(C) Waiver for PDI 2021

    The latest memorandum from the OUSD is big news for members of DoD’s Financial Management Corps looking to attend ASMC’s PDI 2021! https://www.pdi2021.org/About-PDI More
  • PDI 2021 Is On Its Way!

    Here at ASMC we are excited that PDI 2021 Adapt, Evolve and Transform: At All Times, Ready! is well on its way! PDI 2021 will be held 2-4 June and will be in an all-virtual format with mini-courses and workshops that cover a wide range of Defense financial ... More

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