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Pentagon - USMC - DCI - IRD - Comptroller Job Announcements

  • 1.  Pentagon - USMC - DCI - IRD - Comptroller Job Announcements

    Posted 04-03-2024 22:26
    We have the following job announcements open until 4/12/2023.  We will hire three Financial Management Analyst (GS-13) and two Financial Management Analyst at the GS-12 level.  We are also in the process of announcing a GS-14.  If you interested or know someone who may be interested, please apply.  Recruitment incentive maybe granted. 
    GS-13 - three positions
    GS-12 - 2 positions
    Very Respectively, 
    Pamela R. Hubbard, MS, MBA, CIA, CGAP


    Informations Resources Division

    Deputy Command for Information

    US Marine Corps - Pentagon

    3000 Defense Pentagon, RM 1D247
    Washington, DC 20350-3000





    Office: (571) 256-9559

    Cell: (571)  302-6159

    Pamela Hubbard
    Clarksburg MD