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New Webinar Series - Tips and Tricks: Data Maturity Edition!

  • 1.  New Webinar Series - Tips and Tricks: Data Maturity Edition!

    Posted 04-20-2021 22:52
    Edited by Bob Jackson 04-20-2021 22:52
    For over a year now, Teksouth has been hosting its popular Tips and Tricks sessions to help FM'ers make better use of the Microsoft Office tools in place on their desktops. We hope these practical/tactical sessions have added to your knowledge base and made your life a bit easier.

    Now, we would like to invite you to join a monthly discussion of the "art of possibility" with your data… what can be imagined (and accomplished) with the right foundations in place. The problems that can be solved – the improvements that can be made – all by just letting the data show us the connections that we didn't make – or even knew existed.

    Each month, we will explore a different use case for large sets of data and the connections that can be made. Some use cases will be financial, some will not. But all of them will demonstrate what can be done if you have your "data ducks in a row" and hopefully provide some inspiration for handling your own challenges and meeting your own missions.

    Registration for T&T: Data Maturity Edition is now open. Reserve your spot today at:

    Series premieres Thursday, May 13th, 2021 at 2:00 PM CT!

    Robert Jackson
    Teksouth Corp.
    Gardendale AL