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  • 1.  Website Access

    Posted 05-12-2022 13:13
    Hello, I'm the Social Media/Publicity Chair for the Alamo City Chapter and would like to get our website back up and running.  Can you please send me information on whom to contact and the process for establishing and connecting our website to HQ ASMC.  My email is or call me at 210-834-8772.  Thank you.
    Jenny Luvisi

    Jennifer McGonnell Luvisi CDFM-A
    San Antonio TX

  • 2.  RE: Website Access

    Posted 05-13-2022 08:27
    Edited by Jonathan Paden 05-13-2022 08:41

    I'll be curious to see the official word from ASMC on this topic.  From my perspective, it appeared that ASMC National stopped hosting individual chapter web sites a few years ago in favor of using the Engage platform to build and manage our communities and information.  (The web server become completely unresponsive for at least several months.)  I ended up buying a domain name and recreated our web site from scratch based on a snapshot the the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine created in 2015 from the old site/URL.  So the info was old, but I was at least able to retrieve our old site's basic graphics and see the layout.  Like I said, that was 3 or 4 years ago now.  If you have the URL of the old Alamo City Chapter web site, you could try plugging it into the Wayback Machine to see what it comes up with.  Here's the link (you may have to use a non-government computer to access it):

    I would recommend paying for a web host--there are many out there that can be had for $8/mo or less, so it's not expensive, and many have tools that make setting up a basic web site very quick and easy.  But in case you have no budget for buying web hosting space, there are a few free web host providers out there.  The one I settled on (and still run on) is X10 Hosting.  They are far from perfect and not the easiest to set up, but they generally get the job done and are actually free.  (And they have a paid-for "premium" service you can easily upgrade to later on if you want.)  I was able to install WordPress on the site and get up and running fairly quickly.  Here is the link to X10 Hosting.  You will need to be on a non-government computer to access this one, or at least not be on a VPN.

    Hope that helps you out.  Again, if ASMC is hosting chapter web sites again, I'd love to know about it.

    Jonathan Paden
    Webmaster, ASMC Aviation Chapter

  • 3.  RE: Website Access

    Posted 05-13-2022 08:51
    Hello sir. 
    So nice to meet you!  :)
    Appreciate the information.  I'll look at it and see what's best for our chapter.  I'll definitely let you know what HQ says.

    Have a great day!