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Decision Making Survey for Finance and Accounting Professionals - Update

  • 1.  Decision Making Survey for Finance and Accounting Professionals - Update

    Posted 04-08-2021 10:10
    Hello Everyone!

    First, thank you to those of you who have chosen to participate in my survey. I have achieved nearly 65% of my goal due to the gift of your time and knowledge. I look forward to sharing my results with the community. I encourage anyone else who thought about participating in the survey to do so. I am looking for both current and former federal employees and current and former military personnel who participated in budgeting. I would appreciate your invaluable insight into our chosen profession and how behavioral science affects our decision-making. Please read below if you are interested and please remember, ASMC has not sanctioned or endorsed the survey.


    My name is LCDR Ben Wroblewski. I am an accounting instructor at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT, an active duty USCG finance officer, and a Doctorate of Business Candidate at the University of South Florida's Muma College of Business. I have served in the USCG for 19 years, with eight years as a finance officer, and I'm a member of ASMC with the Yankee Chapter.  

    I am researching budget decision-making for my doctorate dissertation and would value your input from your budgeting or accounting experience.

    The theme of my research is what influences affect government budget managers when budget planning. 

    This vignette is designed to immerse you in a common scenario in budget preparation and ask for a decision based on the scenario.   

    It will take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete this scenario and follow on questions. 

    Your participation in the study is entirely voluntary, and all of your responses will be kept confidential. No personally identifiable information will be associated with your answers to any reports of this data. The University of South Florida Institutional Review Board has approved this study. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

    Kindest regards, 

    Ben Wroblewski 

    Ben Wroblewski
    Groton CT