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ASMC Virtual NCR Regional PDI was a success!

  • 1.  ASMC Virtual NCR Regional PDI was a success!

    Posted 03-17-2022 10:26

    Greetings ASMC members, thank you for attending last Thursday's virtual PDI for the National Capital Region with our timely theme of "Courage for Real Change!" 


    More than 2,000 financial managers worldwide from the Department of Defense and Coast Guard tuned in to hear from distinguished speakers such as the Honorable Michael McCord, USDC, and Maj. Gen. David Maxwell, USMC, Vice Director J4, JCS – both of whom addressed the criticality of resourcing for mission preparation/operations, as well as acting upon authoritative, integrated data for military supremacy. Our morning panel on success factors from the MHS GENESIS Electronic Health Record gave us the roadmap to apply to upcoming Defense Financial System Modernizations - so we can get them right the first time.


    In addition to our virtual showcase corporate and government booths, hopefully you enjoyed our nine corporate-sponsored Digital Innovation and Financial Transformation Sessions as well as the OUSDC and Military Service FM Updates hosted by: Honorable Kathy Miller, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for FM&C; Honorable Caral Spangler, Assistant Secretary of the Army for FM&C;  Acting Assistant Secretary of the Navy for FM&C Alaleh Jenkins; Acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for FM&C Steve Herrera; and US Coast Guard Assistant Commandant for Resources/CFO RMDL Mark Fedor, USCG.


    The terrific government speakers, 36 corporate sponsors, and volunteer committee enabled us to have an outstanding slate of presentations and a great day of professional development, dialogue, and collaboration across government and industry. The event was also supported by our Washington Chapter Early Careerists – under the leadership of Cody Ferguson/OUSDC (government) and Matt Ledder/Definitive Logic (industry) spearheading this Future FM leader cohorts.  They are seeking additional individuals to join their group.


    Attendees at the NCR Virtual PDI can earn up to 16 CPEs over the next six months – 40% of your annual requirement. To get your CPE Certificate: go back into the Virtual Event, click the Evaluation button (left-hand side of the screen), and then Evaluate the sessions you attended as well as the overall evaluation at the top of the screen. Once you finished the evaluations, go back to the top, click the Print Transcript button, and then save or print your certificate. Note, after September 11, 2022 this function will not be available. 


    Please mark your calendar as we look forward to next year's virtual hybrid event targeted for 9 March 2023.  The ASMC Washington website is for further information on membership and events.


    In closing, along with ASMC Washington Chapter President RMDL Mark Fedor, USCG, I thank you for attending the 2022 Virtual ASMC NCR PDI, and for all you do every day to support our country and our warfighters.  Please remember that every action matters.  Every person matters.  Embrace change and together let's leave it better – we can and we must.


    Vr, Deb Del Mar

    2022 Chair

    Melissa Blacketer
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