Data, AI & Analytics | ASMC Roundtable hosted by Accenture

When:  Nov 9, 2021 from 12:00 to 13:00 (ET)
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Join us for our second Corporate Roundtable brought to you by Accenture

Registration deadline:  November 8, 2021 | 1700 ET

Data, AI and Analytics: Next Gen Weapons Platform for Value-Driven Mission Outcomes

Government, and especially Defense needs to deal with increased demands from an ever-growing stakeholder base, the need to make decisions at speed, leveraging radical new innovations in technology, political challenges and of course adversarial threats. Data and Analytics are becoming the next generation “weapons platform” to drive mission outcome. In this session we will discuss why data is so important (and so important NOW), what an end to end data capability looks like, what is holding organizations back, senior leader perspectives on data in both commercial and government, the role of the CDO and CDAO, why moving data to the cloud is becoming so critical, and learn about how DoD’s new Chief Data Office under the Office of the Secretary of Defense is working to enable a cross defense data driven capability to support Joint All Domain Operations, Senior Leader Decision Support, and Business Analytics.

  • Intent:  Discuss how attendees should “think” about data
  • Why Data is so important
    • Data is the fuel of the new economy and driving much of the differentiation and disruption in industry today, and driving advanced and enhanced mission outcomes for government.
    • Value realization around data and analytic solutions is far below potential.  Analytics solutions not getting ROI, largely because of bad underlying data (with facts/statistics)
    • What’s holding companies back from realizing this value
    • C-Suite / Senior leader perspectives on data
  • How to look at data
    • Data is being considered a new form of capital
    • Key trends in data
    • How to look at an end-to-end data capability (framework) and what’s involved in enabling a data-driven organization.  It’s not screwing in some software, it’s about architectures, management/governance, change enablement, culture, literacy, business use cases, value realization. 
  • Role of a CDO and CDAO
    • What is a CDO/CDAO, and why are they so strategically important
    • Positioning of a CDO in an organization (today often to CIO, future moving to direct under CEO, etc).  In DoD moving to direct to Dep Sec Def.
  • Data on Cloud
    • Why moving data and data related capabilities is so important
    • Limitations of on-prem environments today
    • Benefits of moving to cloud
    • How this enables data use cases, differentiation, disruption, strategy and mission outcome
  • DoD perspective on Data
    • What OSD is doing to build a cross DoD data capability/strategy
    • DoD Data Strategy
    • Engagement with all components, CDO data council, direction/actions each needs to take.
    • Critical importance of aligning data with business with technology
    • Understanding/defining use cases for data
    • Support Joint All Domain Operations, Senior Leader Decision Support, and Business Analytics
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