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  • Yes, thanks for asking! We have added one in December and 4 more in 2021 since we have had such interest. December 3, 2020 Feb 26, 2021 May 21, 2021 August 5, 2021 Nov 12, 2021 All of the sessions are online for now, we may add some classroom or hybrid ...

  • Good Morning Vera; will this ever be offered again??  Its been a busy year so i couldn't register before.​ ------------------------------ Robin Nobriga CDFM Edwards CA ------------------------------

  • Morning Catherine,  trying to sign up for this class.   How do i do that??​ ------------------------------ Robin Nobriga CDFM Edwards CA ------------------------------

  • Forgot to mention...these monthly sessions occur on (generally) the third Thursday of each month! ------------------------------ Robert Jackson Teksouth Corp. Gardendale AL ------------------------------

  • Take the refresher course and schedule your exams the very first week after the course is over.  Schedule the hardest module first, then 2nd hardest, then third.  I think i took module 2 first. 2,3,1 I think?  But i took all three exams one week apart.  ...