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  • I am interested in being a part of the Module 4 study group.  Please let me know when it is scheduled. ------------------------------ Loretta Hill CDFM Dayton OH ------------------------------

  • ​Good Morning, I'm interested in being apart of the Module 4 study group as well. Kelvin Funches, CDFM​ ------------------------------ Kelvin Funches CDFM Chesapeake VA ------------------------------

  • I worked for the Air Force for several years and I am sending my congratulations on their 73d. Annette Thomas Worked at Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, CO

  • I want to be a part of Module 4 Study Group, can you please include me.   ( ------------------------------ Annette Thomas Woodbridge CO ------------------------------

  • Mike,  Thank you for your service and we hope you and all of our USAF members are celebrating the USAF's Birthday today.  Great to see the interest in our Acquisition Business Management course (Module 4) and CDFM-A credential.  We've been working to ...