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ASMC Pledge of Professionalism

  • 1.  ASMC Pledge of Professionalism

    Posted 04-27-2022 09:09
    • Be guided in all activities by loyalty to the highest principles always remembering that public office is a public trust.
    • Refrain from activities which are in conflict with the public interest or are discreditable to the Society, and to avoid activities which create the appearance of such conflict.
    • Exercise diligence, objectivity and integrity in professional activities, ever aware of the responsibility to eliminate improprieties.
    • Refrain from the transmission or usage, for personal gain or advantage, of information obtained in the professional environment.
    • Carefully earn and continuously protect my reputation for good moral character in comptrollership.
    • Recognize that professional example will influence associates and efficiency.
    • Recommend and initiate methods to enhance productivity and efficiency.
    • Continuously strive to increase my professional knowledge and skills to improve service and value to associates and the Society.
    • Extend the same consideration to the rights and interests of others that I seek for myself.
    • Respect the professionalism of fellow-members and work with them to promote the goals and programs of the Society.

    Melissa Blacketer
    Associate Director of Communications & Public Affairs
    American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC)
    To provide professional development and promote ethical behavior in all aspects of Military comptrollership.

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