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Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

  • 1.  Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

    Posted 02-25-2020 09:50
    Good Morning,

    I want to see what others think about prepping for the CDFM.  Back in November, I attend the EDFMT Course and passed my MOD 1 test.  Due to life and work events I have not taken the MOD 2 or 3 test.  Other than reviewing the EDFMTC book, what resources dod you use to prepare for the other MOD tests for the CDFM?  What courses on FM Online?  anything specific from DAU?  Certain books?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    - Greg

    Gregory Dewitt
    Kansas City MO

  • 2.  RE: Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

    Posted 02-26-2020 08:09
    Hey Greg,

    Only advice I can give is to study the material provided in the EDFMT class.  I think there are practice exams you may be able to find, but honestly, I found that just hitting that material was the best option for me.  I found Module 2 the most difficult.  I wouldn't get caught up in multiple study sources when the EDFMT material covers everything you need to pass the tests.  That's just me though; I understand everyone has different methods.

    Good luck!

    Brent Freeman

    Jerry Freeman CDFM
    Cabot AR

  • 3.  RE: Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

    Posted 02-29-2020 20:55
    Hi Greg, When I was studying for my modules I made flashcards from the study modules and I would study them that way. That worked well. I also took so of the practice tests online.

    Best of Luck to you!

    Jennifer Dorsino CDFM
    Rome NY

  • 4.  RE: Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

    Posted 03-01-2020 11:32
    I made flashcards on based on the information in the EDFMT course book and tried to memorize everything in there. There is a small overlap with Module 3 and the CPA exam and I used the Becker CPA Review course for that. Somebody made a YouTube video for the CDFM test.

    Ryan Chu CDFM
    Pinole CA

  • 5.  RE: Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

    Posted 03-02-2020 14:25
    Can you please provide your link on Quizlet for Mod 2 flashcards?

    Kevin Valles
    Carlsbad CA

  • 6.  RE: Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

    Posted 03-02-2020 23:33
    Sorry, I deleted my mod2 set after I passed the exam.


  • 7.  RE: Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

    Posted 03-03-2020 15:06

    Diana Brown CDFM
    Lynn Haven FL

  • 8.  RE: Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

    Posted 03-02-2020 18:37
    The YouTube videos of the CDFM Study Group are from 2018 and earlier so they are based on the old 2013 text, not the new 2018 version of the Study guide. For Mod 2, get a copy of the DAU EVM gold card and PPBE platinum card. They are summaries of important aspects of the topics on 2 page document sheets. Also, for textbooks, look up CDFM topics on Amazon by author William G. Arnold, CDFM-A. They will supplement your study.

    Joe Scipione, CDFM-A
    Buckeye Chapter Columbus Ohio

  • 9.  RE: Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

    Posted 03-03-2020 15:08

    Hi Greg:

    I did not attend EDFMT.  I studied the EDFMT book that I received as a hand me down.  I found MOD 1 and 3 to be easier than MOD 2.
    For MOD 2, I watched the YouTube Video by Helen​, made flashcards, and read the Module at least 2-3Xs not in it's entirety, but what I felt uncomfortable with (which was a lot).
    I also used Quizlet and CRAM.

    Good Luck!

    Diana Brown CDFM
    Lynn Haven FL

  • 10.  RE: Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

    Posted 03-04-2020 15:47
    Since the  test changed in December 2019, wouldn't the materials change too?  ​

    Florina Hanish
    Summerville SC

  • 11.  RE: Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

    Posted 03-05-2020 10:53
    Yes, the training and materials are different for the new tests. As I'm tracking, Helen has updated her training, or is in the process of.

    Kelley Rockwell-Rizzo
    Senior Consultant

  • 12.  RE: Prep for MOD 2 and 3 for CDFM

    Posted 03-06-2020 10:30
    Just adding some thoughts.  I think the best way to prepare to pass the CDFM exam modules is to participate in an Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (EDFMTC), if you have the opportunity (subject to your organization's support of it) to participate in either one of the "Centrally Funded" or "Overflow" EDFMTC sessions.

    Also, I think we have a few chapters that conduct CDFM Prep Brown Bag sessions over lunch, which can be very helpful in preparing candidates to pass the exam modules.  This can be done with participants who recently participated in an EDFMTC session or those who did so previously, but never took the exams or attempted them, but did not pass all modules.  It can also include individuals who have not had the opportunity to take an EDFMT Course, but want to review the textbook and work with others to study.

    Typically, what occurs within a CDFM Prep Brown Bag Group is that participants agree to take responsibility for reviewing a competency area (within the module of focus) and presenting a brief summary of the material, including the most important or salient points which he or she feels may be included on the exam.  Additionally. I suspect some groups might also use the time to take the Knowledge Checks together, discuss questions they didn't get right, etc.

    I'd really like to see any leaders of CDFM Brown Bag Prep Groups chime in here to discuss how they do it and the results they are seeing in terms of success of the group members in passing the exam modules.

    I should add that although participating in an EDFMT Course certainly helps someone pass the exam modules, it does not guarantee success in doing so!


    Al Runnels CDFM-A