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Journal Exams

  • 1.  Journal Exams

    Posted 06-10-2021 15:44
    Does anyone know why we have continued delays with ASMC posting Journal Exams?  I have two issues of AFC on my desk, but no journal exam I can take.  Thank you.     Brett Millican

  • 2.  RE: Journal Exams

    Posted 06-16-2021 15:45
    Hi Brett,

    Sure, and thanks for reaching out. The reason is that we're switching from the old "legacy" platform, in the Online Learning Center where they're currently linked, to the PathLMS platform. We expected to be done before Spring came out, and regrettably have been delayed.

    The solution is in progress.  PathLMS platform has been available for a while- just not directly linked to this in the member portal. We hope to be done with fixing this and announcing to members as needed within a few weeks.

    So I can give you access now, and help out anyone else who'd like access immediately too. You'll officially be the first person switching over!

    Can I email you access information at your Yahoo email address?


    Nicole St. Laurent

  • 3.  RE: Journal Exams

    Posted 06-18-2021 16:19
    Hi - Yes, please send access.   JBM

    James Millican CDFM-A
    League City TX