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The COVID-19 Surge Response Program

  • 1.  The COVID-19 Surge Response Program

    Posted 04-03-2020 13:09

    From the Federal Acquisition Institute:
    "In response to the National Emergency declared for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), federal agencies will have opportunities for federal employees to support the overall response to COVID-19. The COVID-19 Surge Response Program will use Open Opportunities [ ], which is a government wide platform offering professional development opportunities to current federal employees, as a central location for federal agencies to post details, microdetails, and/or temporary rotational assignments. If your agency is interested in participating, please do the following:

    1.) Email so we can invite you to a virtual information session

    2.) Post details, microdetails, and/or temporary rotational assignments to Open Opportunities

    Note: You will need to create a user profile account on in order to post a detail assignment.

    If you have questions, email"

    Not only is this great for employers, but it's also great for employees. After you log into Open Opportunities and have ensured that your profile will work with Open Opportunities (government email address and Department required), click on your name then click on Virtual (scroll down). There are multiple opportunities available to those with a financial background. These are volunteer positions that can be added to your resume. The time commitment can be as low as a couple hours a month.

    Amanda Meeker, DTM
    Technical Support Staff
    BAFB, CO