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Job Opportunity Announcement - Financial Management Analyst (0501-DO-II) Dahlgren, VA

  • 1.  Job Opportunity Announcement - Financial Management Analyst (0501-DO-II) Dahlgren, VA

    Posted 06-22-2021 09:41

    The Joint Warfare Analysis Center in Dahlgren, VA is soliciting resumes for

    a Financial Management Analyst (0501-DO-II) position (salary range of $86,072 -


    JWAC is a component of the United States Strategic Command with the mission

    to provide combatant commands, Joint Staff, and other customers with

    effects-based analysis and precision targeting options for selected

    networks and nodes in order to carry out the national security and military

    strategies of the United States during peace, crisis, and war. Located just

    50 miles southeast of Washington DC, Dahlgren provides a quality work

    environment without the traffic and congestion of a long commute.  Come

    work in an exciting environment offering the opportunity to provide

    operational impacts, while expanding or continuing partnerships in the NCR

    and within the United States Strategic Command.


    The primary purpose of this position is:


    Serves as the organization's lead Agency Program Coordinator (APC) for the

    Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) program. Establish a process to collect,

    review, and maintain required cardholder documentation prior to card issuance.

    Validate new personnel apply for and receive their GTCC within 30 days of

    arriving to the organization. Maintain user APC and cardholder profiles. Run

    and review required reporting and take action to resolve issues. Establish a

    training system to track mandatory annual training and documentation

    requirements for cardholders.


    Serves as the organization's lead Organizational Defense Travel System

    Administrator (ODTA). Provide DTS functional support to personnel within the

    organization. Develop a system to create and maintain DTS user personal

    profiles, organization profiles, routing lists, and groups for JWAC. Establish

    a training system to track mandatory training requirements for Departmental

    Accountable Officials and travelers. Receive new personnel into DTS within two

    business days and ensure permissions granted as required. Validate and ensure

    departing personnel have filed all outstanding vouchers

    before out-processing them and must ensure they are detached only after the

    final voucher is submitted plus remove the departing individual from any

    routing lists. Run and review required weekly/monthly reports per

    regulations/directives. Maintain audit compliant records.


    Analyze data and reporting requirements for the development of financial

    management systems and/or tools, preferably automated. Development financial

    management systems and/or tools to integrate budget data, combining data

    residing from multiple sources and providing users with the following

    capabilities: a unified view of the data, analyze data and perform historical

    trend analysis, and modify data based on analysis. Identify and design

    financial systems enhancements, documenting system procedures, and providing

    end-user support and training. Researches, analyzes, and resolves daily system

    problems related to system interface, database management, and end user



    Serves as a technical authority on budget formulation and execution,

    performing assigned budget execution tasks to meet the needs of organizations

    at multiple operational levels. Provides oversight and management of all

    projects and their execution status for single and multi-year appropriations.

    Ensures single and multi-year appropriation budgets, cost estimates, and

    programming complies with legal and regulatory requirements.


    Prepares and analyzes detailed plans, budgets, and schedules for assigned

    programs and/or participates with senior planners in fiscal planning and

    programming. Develops/integrates requirements into the annual fiscal programs,

    e.g., Program Objective Memorandum.


    Conducts budget execution and administration work involving the monitoring of

    obligations incurred and the actual expenditures of a budget with different

    sources and types of funding.


    Prepares and delivers oral presentations such as briefings, training sessions,

    consultations, and strategy sessions with other staff and activities to secure

    cooperation, resolve controversial matters, and convey information relative to

    proposed changes.


    The ideal candidate will possess proficiency with sophisticated analytical

    tools, programming languages, and visual platforms; experience with the DTS

    performing ODTA roles and responsibilities, experience with the GTCC

    performing APC roles and responsibilities; experience conducting budget

    execution and administration work involving the development of spend plans and

    monitoring of obligations incurred and the actual expenditures of a budget

    with different sources and types of funding. This position requires FM

    Certification level 2 and the ability to obtain a Top Secret clearance. The

    position will be filled via Direct Hiring Authority.   If you are interested

    in applying for this position, resumes should be submitted to

    the JL1 Talent Acquisition and Compensation Branch, by COB 20 July 2021.

    Heather Lewis CDFM
    King George VA