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CDFM Exam Testing - How & When to Schedule?

  • 1.  CDFM Exam Testing - How & When to Schedule?

    Posted 01-27-2020 14:13
    Good morning all,
    I am trying to get my CDFM & I am going through the EDFMTC questions are related to scheduling the CDFM Exams:

    When did you schedule your exam?  How far in advance did you need to schedule it? How soon after the EDFMTC did you take the exam?

    Where did you take your Exam?  Did you schedule it on the base that you are assigned to?  Can you take it at another location if you are TDY there for the course?

    Bryan Case, 1Lt, USAF
    Fairchild AFB, WA

  • 2.  RE: CDFM Exam Testing - How & When to Schedule?

    Posted 01-28-2020 09:32

    I have heard everyone say and I echo that you should take the Mod you are most comfortable with within 2 weeks of completing the EDFMTC. The schedule another 2 weeks later and the final 2 weeks after that. My supervisor recommends that I go to the PDI to gain more exposure and attend my final 2 Mods during that week. This is because I have very little FM experience. 

    As far as location, my understanding is every Pearson vue location can administer the test and sometime the a test is provided at the EDFMTC, this is only rumor to me I have not seen a test provided there. I would recommend that you take a Mod test within 2 weeks. If you are going to be TDY, look up Pearson vue locations there. 

    I work on Fort Leavenworth and took the exam at a Pearson vue in South Kansas City. I scheduled it a week in advance but there were some testing time available the following day. 

    Good luck. The EDFMTC is a great course. 

    - Greg

    Gregory Dewitt
    Kansas City MO

  • 3.  RE: CDFM Exam Testing - How & When to Schedule?

    Posted 02-06-2020 10:15

    You'll need at least 24 hours to schedule your exam(s). You can take your exam(s) at any Pearson VUE location even if you're TDY. We strongly recommend that all CDFM candidates thoroughly review the CDFM Candidate Handbook to be fully informed about the certification and testing processes. The handbook can be obtained cost-free on the ASMC website at


    If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to write back here, email us at or call us at (703) 549-0360 and ask for the Certification Department.


    Bryan, we wish you all the best on your quest to CDFM Certification!

    Londa Litten
    Test Coordinator
    American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC)
    To provide professional development and promote ethical behavior in all aspects of Military comptrollership.
    Direct 703-549-0360 | Office 800-462-5637 | Fax 703-549-3181 |
    415 N. Alfred St., Suite 3, Alexandria, VA 22314

  • 4.  RE: CDFM Exam Testing - How & When to Schedule?

    Posted 02-06-2020 12:04
    Thank you Londa,  I was able to review that & schedule my exams.  I have all 3 scheduled while I am in the TDY area so hopefully in the next 2 weeks I have all CDFM requirements complete!  looking forward to the EDFMT next week.