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  • 1.  Salute to the Air Force - Happy Birthday

    Posted 09-18-2020 12:11

    Happy 73rd Birthday, United States Air Force!  On behalf of our ASMC National Executive Committee and the HQ Staff, we salute our over 4,000 ASMC Air Force members – Military (Active Duty, Air National Guard, Reserve, and Retirees) and USAF Civilians. Since 1947, you have been "doing the impossible every day" as you pursue your mission with excellence and integrity.

    As the Air Force Financial Management team continues its mission – to provide resources, financial services and decision support to deliver air, space and cyber capabilities for our nation – know that ASMC is proud to serve with you as we provide community and educational opportunities to help you "aim high" in your professional career and in service to our country.

    Once again, Happy Birthday, Air Force from your ASMC colleagues!

    Al Runnels CDFM-A

  • 2.  RE: Salute to the Air Force - Happy Birthday

    Posted 09-19-2020 14:23
    I worked for the Air Force for several years and I am sending my congratulations on their 73d.

    Annette Thomas
    Worked at Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs,  CO